Why Microwave Egg Cooker is Important? 🙂

Microwave egg cooker helps in saving effort and time while cooking the eggs. These types of cookers are available in a wide range. You can select the one according to the quantity of eggs and style. In this, you can boil both hard and soft boiling eggs. While you buy this particular type of cooker, you should always see the number of eggs that a cooker can hold. These are specially designed cookware which are microwave safe and helps you to boil the perfect egg by using the microwave. You will not find any hassles if you want to use the microwave for getting a perfect boiled egg.

stoneware egg cooker

The microwave egg cooker is safe to use and if you are using it for the first time, then the best way is to use them by reading the manual before using it. There are many manufacturing industries which are involved in manufacturing these types of egg cookers. The cost of this particular cooker changes according to the size and quality of the cooker. Some of the egg boilers available in the market are made in such a manner that it consists of good consumer reviews.

If you use the microwave egg cooker, you can prepare hard boiled and soft eggs in a few seconds. If you have this particular cooker, you do not have to go through the painstaking job of immersing the eggs in the pot with water and bring them to a boiling stage. Apart from this particular type of egg cooker, you can also buy the egg boilers which require you to pierce it so that the shell does not get cracked. There are different brands which are involved in manufacturing these types of egg cooker. One of the popular brands associated with this egg cooker is known as the Nordic Ware Egg Boiler. This particular cooker can boil eggs in a very short duration of time.

Microwave Egg Boiler

Boiled eggs with bread and butter is the most traditional and ancient breakfast. However, boiling eggs in a microwave egg boiler can be tricky. In your microwave you can perfectly boil any type of eggs from soft, medium to hard boil eggs in matter of minutes. But how you boil your type of egg is the very basic question. In most boilers all you need to do is to add a little water at the base to fill in shell line of the egg and screw the head and pop it inside the oven. You can program your microwave to boil hard or soft eggs as you like. However, for the first few time you have to experiment and check for the perfect boil you require.

There are several types of microwave egg boilers that you can get in the market. The plastic egg boilers can boil at a time one to four eggs. Most of the egg boilers are shaped like an egg and the opening is at the top from where you can place the egg and pour the water inside. The boiler is to be screwed securely before it is placed in the microwave. For egg boilers that can boil more than one egg there is generally aluminum insert at the base. This aluminum insert requires to be removed before adding water to the fill line. You need to place the eggs in the egg shaped boilers and then reinsert the aluminum insert. Now like the single egg boiler screw the top of the egg boiler and place it inside the microwave.

Set the time and the temperature required to boil your eggs. After you remove the microwave egg boiler from the microwave allow it to cool for around two minutes before unscrewing the top. You now have for your breakfast perfectly boiled delicious and nutritious eggs.